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How to Adjust a Honeywell Thermostat LR95329

Hollan Johnson

The Honeywell LR95329 thermostat is an old mechanical thermostat from the 1980s. While they are no long manufactured by Honeywell, some older homes do still use them. They can control both the air conditioning and the heat in your home, if you have central air.

If you only have a furnace, the Honeywell LR95329 will only control the heat in your home.

  1. Select “Heat” or “Cool” from the switch at the top of the Honeywell LR95329 thermostat.

  2. Move the adjustment lever on the right side of the thermostat to set the temperature. Move the lever up to make the temperature warmer and move the lever down to make it cooler.

  3. Turn the “Fan” switch at the bottom of the thermostat either “On” to blow in outside air or “Off.”