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How Much Do Single Wall Ovens Weigh?

Ann Frederick

While ranges combine a cooktop and oven into a single appliance, they don’t offer the only approach to kitchen design. Some homeowners choose to install a cooktop in their counter space and accompany it with a wall oven.

The weight of single wall ovens varies by the size of the appliance and whether it is a gas or electric model. Features also play a role, with convection and self-cleaning models weighing more than those that offer only traditional cooking and cleaning methods.

24-Inch Gas Ovens

When shopping for a single wall oven, you’ll find your gas cooking options limited to models that are 24 inches wide. These units weigh 115 to 175 lbs.

24-Inch Electric Ovens

If you want a wall oven measuring 24 inches wide and powered by electricity, your lightest choice is a model weighing 82 lbs.The heaviest appliances in this group weigh around 114 lbs.

27- & 30-Inch Ovens

Single wall ovens that are 27 inches wide and powered by electricity weigh 75 to 155 lbs. Electric ovens that are 30-inches wide weigh between 77 and 180 lbs.

Another Option

Appliance maker GE has a product it calls a “single-double” wall oven. It boasts that the 30-inch model fits two ovens into the space normally occupied by a standard single wall oven. Those models weigh 188 lbs.