Troubleshooting a GE Profile Refrigerator

Kelly Bennett Seiler

The GE Profile Refrigerator has some great features, such as a TurboCool setting, which helps you regulate the interior temperature when you open the door. It also has a Tall LightTouch Dispenser, which dispenses the water and ice with the lightest of touches.

It also has a lock to prevent your kids from using the feature. As with any refrigerator, though, you are bound to run into some problems. Avoid wasting money by calling the service center if you can troubleshoot the problems on your own.


Sometimes you may notice that your ice cubes have an odor or odd taste to them. Generally, this means that the ice storage bin needs to be cleaned and the old ice cubes discarded. It can also mean that your food in the freezer is not wrapped well enough and is thus transmitting the odor to the ice cubes. It's always a good idea to clean the inside of your freezer to eliminate any smells or bad tastes. If your ice cubes are small or hollow, replace the water filter cartridge with a new one. Make sure you always close the door to the freezer to keep the ice cubes from melting and make sure the temperature control is set cold enough to keep everything inside frozen.


Opening the door too often on the refrigerator or freezer can cause the food inside to remain too warm. If the door is accidentally left open, frost or ice crystals may form on the food. The divider between the refrigerator and the freezer compartments should feel warm. The automatic energy saver system circulates warm liquid around the front edge of the freezer compartment to prevent condensation on the outside.


It is not unusual for moisture to form on the outside of the refrigerator during periods of high humidity. All you need to do is wipe the surface dry. If the door is opened for too long a period of time, this can also cause moisture to accumulate on the inside. It is also normal to see, on occasion, fog or small amounts of moisture in the refrigerator compartment. This can be caused by different food loads and environmental changes. Any moisture can be wiped dry with a paper towel.

Water Dispenser

If the water dispenser has not been used for a long period of time, the water may have a funny taste or odor. You can solve this by dispensing water until all the water in the system is replenished. It is normal for the water to be warm when the refrigerator is first installed. If the water system has been drained for some reason, you need to allow several hours for the new supply to chill. If the system is not working correctly, try replacing the water filter. Air may also be trapped in the system. Try to release it by pressing the dispenser arm for at least two minutes. If the dispenser is Locked, press and hold the Lock Control pad for three seconds.