How Do I Fix a Washing Machine That Does Not Spin Out Water?

Chad Buleen

When your washing machine spins but water does not leave the drum, or when water leaves the drum at a snail's pace, you must do a little troubleshooting to determine why the problem is occurring. In many situations, the problem stems from your washer's draining system not being hooked up properly.

Failing to fix a washing machine that doesn't spin out water can lead to laundry backlogs.

You should not expect to need to do major repairs for a washing machine that does not spin out water, but it may require a little effort to determine the exact cause.

  1. Pull the washer away from the wall so you can access the back panel. Inspect the drain hose. The drain hose should be straight and free of kinks or pinches. If the drain hose is not in good condition, the washer may spin but water will not spin out of the appliance.

  2. Move the drain hose to a location that is less than 96 inches high. For example, if you place the drain hose out a window or other opening at the top of your wall, the washer may spin, but the water will not be able to travel the height of the wall to exit the hose. Because the water cannot exit the hose, it ends up falling back down into the washer.

  3. Remove the drain hose from the drain pipe if the hose is tightly forced into the drain pipe. There must be an air gap between the pipe and the hose to facilitate the flow of water. Without this air gap, the water is not able to travel from the washer to the drain pipe.

  4. Open the washer if the appliance stops spinning altogether, and remove some of the clothing from inside it. Cramming the washer full of clothing may seem like an efficient way to wash, but doing this can cause an imbalance. When the washer isn't balanced, it does not spin as it is designed to spin and sometimes doesn't spin at all.

  5. Place a couple more articles of clothing in the washer if there is only one piece of clothing inside it. Having too little clothing in the appliance causes an imbalance just as having too much clothing does.