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The Kenmore 417 Front Load Washer Won't Start

Jon Stefansson

A Kenmore 417 series washing machine that fails to start is most likely experiencing some form of electrical or programming difficulty. The most common issues stem from incorrect input when selecting a wash cycle, making mistakes when loading laundry or failure of fuses or circuit breakers. You can correct many of these problems without the need for a visit from a professional technician. Taking a do-it-yourself approach to your appliance repair can save money if your appliance is outside of its warranty period.

  1. Open and firmly close the washing machine door -- you may have to pinch the latch to achieve a proper seal. Front load washers prevent water spillage by not filling or spinning until the door is closed. You might find your washing machine does not start if the door is slightly ajar.

  2. Turn the cycle selector dial to the "Wash" portion of a cycle, which is the thickest part of the line surrounding the dial. Wash cycles will be abbreviated unless the selector dial is turned the the start of a wash cycle. Kenmore 417 series washers will not start unless the selector dial is turned to the correct position.

  3. Pull out the cycle selector dial to begin the wash cycle. Kenmore 417 washers do not start cleaning until the dial is pulled outward, away from the machine. You will need to pull the dial out a second time if the cycle is interrupted for any reason.

  4. Open the door and remove the heaviest items from the drum. All washing machines have a preset laundry weight limit designed to prevent damage to the drum, motor and other parts of the appliance. Heavy items should be washed separately with a few smaller items for balance.

  5. Push the washing machine's power cord into the outlet -- it can work loose after months and years of spin cycles, creating a loose connection. Ensure the outlet is working by plugging in another appliance. Blown fuses or tripped breakers can also cause the washing machine to malfunction, so check for those and correct any issues.

  6. Check the water supply pipes at the back of the washing machine for twists or sharp turns. Both hot and cold shut-off valves should be completely open for the washing machine to fill up with water and begin its cycle. Shut-off valves are usually built like faucets into the wall or fitted into the supply line between the wall and washer.