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How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Series 90 Washer

Joshua Duvauchelle

Kenmore is an appliance brand sold through the Sears company. Kenmore markets a full line of home appliances, including a complementary product line of washers and dryers. The 90 Series Kenmore line was released in the 1990s and consists of several top-loading washer models. Even the best washer can malfunction or stop working. Troubleshoot the 90 Series Kenmore washer to resolve these problems.

  1. Verify that the Kenmore 90 Series washer is plugged into a reliable power source if it won't start. Avoid using an extension cord or sharing an outlet with other high-powered appliances as these may not provide a reliable power supply and can cause the washer to shut down unexpectedly.

  2. Make sure you're starting the washer correctly if experiencing operational problems. All Kenmore Series 90 washers are top-loading models with a display panel behind the washer drum door. Set the water level and temperature on the right-hand side of the panel. Push in the cycle selector dial found on the right side of the panel, and turn clockwise to select a cycle type (e.g. "Heavy Duty" or "Normal"). Pull the knob away from the panel to start the cycle.

  3. Adjust the contents of the washer drum if the Kenmore 90 Series washing machine makes loud thumping or clicking noises, shakes excessively or stops running in the middle of a cycle. Clothing may have collected on one side during the agitation or spinning cycle, throwing the washer drum off balance. Open the washer's door to pause the cycle and distribute the clothing evenly around the middle agitator column. Close the door to resume washing.

  4. Check your laundry detergent and bleach usage if you notice performance issues, such as poorly cleansed clothing or spots of bleach on laundry. Avoid placing too much laundry detergent in the dispense compartment found on the edge of the inside washer drum on all Kenmore Series 90 washers. Rinse out the dispenser and washer drum to avoid soap residue by running an empty wash cycle with no detergent. Consider switching to liquid bleach and detergent for more even distribution and cleaning.