How to Transport Washing Machines

Shae Hazelton

A washing machine is a heavy, intricate piece of machinery that takes caution and good sense to transport. Without the proper precautions when you transport the washing machine, you could damage the machine beyond repair and even cause yourself serious injury.

Careful preparation when moving your washing machine can ensure a save move.

You need to prepare the washing machine for transportation before you begin the transportation process. If you take the time to cover all aspects of moving the washing machine, though, you should find it a simple task that requires a minimal amount of your time.

  1. Disable the water valve running directly into the washing machine. If you unhook the water line while the valve is still open, the water will rush into the room.

  2. Pull the machine away from the wall and unplug the electrical cord and the water hoses.

  3. Put the open end of the drain hose into a plastic tub. This will let the water inside the washing machine leak out of the drain hose and into the tub. The tub needs to be short enough that the drain hose is able to angle down and drain the water.

  4. Enclose the washing machine back in its original packaging if you have it handy. You may also put it in a large moving box. Fill the box with foam packing peanuts to help keep it safe as you move it.

  5. Lift the backside of the washing machine off the floor. Slide the lip of a moving dolly under the backside of the washing machine. Set the washing machine down so that it rests on the lip of the moving dolly.

  6. Secure the machine to the dolly using bungee cables. Attach the hook of the cable to one side of the moving dolly and then stretch it around the face of the washing machine. Attach the other hook on the bungee cord to the other side of the moving dolly.

  7. Tilt the dolly back just enough to move it comfortably. Keep the washing machine as straight as possible when you transport it.

  8. Strap the washing machine (dolly and all) to the inside of your moving vehicle or trailer if you need to use an automobile to transport it. The rotating metal basket on the inside of the washing machine can jump around as the washing machine moves, causing it to fall over if you do not secure it to the vehicle. If there is no way to secure the washing machine to the vehicle, unlatch it from the dolly and lay it flat on its back.