How to Move a Futon

Amanda Rumble

If you have a futon, you will benefit from taking it apart before attempting to move it from one room to another, especially if you need to transport it up or down the stairs.

Attempting to move a futon without properly disassembling it may damage it, cause additional frustration navigating it through doorways, or damage the floor or walls.

  1. Unzip and remove the cover from the futon mattress. Removing it prevents it from getting stained or ripped while moving the mattress, especially because many cannot be laundered and are limited to spot cleaning. Place it in a large plastic bag.

  2. Use an Allen wrench to remove the four arm bolts, two from each side of the futon. The nuts, placed behind the bolts, should also pull out along with any dowels holding the futon pieces tightly together. Place all small components in a small sandwich bag, and label it.

  3. Separate the two decks from each other, which make one large bed when flat. Look in the middle where the two decks join, and pivot for clevis pins, which you can turn counter-clockwise to remove.

  4. Place one deck on top of the other with the arms and legs touching. Use duct tape to tape the two decks together. Wrap several sections tightly together to prevent the two from separating during movement.

  5. Duct-tape the two edges, or stretchers, together separate from the decks. Tape them so the insides face the outside when taped, keeping the outside edges from getting scratched during the move.

  6. Move the bag of pieces, side pieces, deck and mattress to their new location.


Have someone assist you when disassembling the futon to prevent injury and make it easier to separate.