How to Extend a Washing Machine Hose

Tammy Dahlvang

If your washing machine hose is not long enough, you might think that the easiest thing to do is to replace it. However, extending the hose using a washing machine hose extension kit is actually a much simpler option.

Extend the length of your existing washing machine hose instead of purchasing a new one.

If you extend the length of your current hose, you don't need to remove the existing hose from your washer, which could become complicated. You can simply attach the extension hose to your current hose with a clamp, and run the newly lengthened hose wherever you desire.

  1. Purchase a drainage hose extension kit that will fit your current washing machine. Look in the user's manual of your washing machine to find which extension kit is recommended.

  2. Shut off the water supply to your home. Most homes have a shut-off valve, switch or lever that you can use to switch the water supply off.

  3. Pull the washing machine away from the wall so that the entire drainage hose is visible.

  4. Unwind your extension hose from the kit to make sure that it is long enough. Since you have purchased the kit recommended by the manufacturer of your washing machine, the extension hose will be the longest recommended length for your washing machine. If it is not long enough, you will need to relocate your washing machine.

  5. Push the hose extension into your current washing machine hose. Make sure that you push the hose extension in as far as possible, so that it will not come loose if the washing machine spins off balance, or the hose is jiggled.

  6. Place the clamp on the end of the hose, right above the extension. Tighten it securely, as per the extension hose kit instructions.

  7. Position the drainage hose, then move the washing machine to the desired location.

  8. Turn your water back on. Run your washing machine through a normal wash cycle, monitoring it to make sure it is not leaking.