My LG Front-Load Washer Won't Turn On

Chad Buleen

Don't give up hope if your LG front-load washer will not turn on despite your best efforts. Before you call for service, the LG washer owner's manual recommends that you try to fix the problem yourself. Understanding why your LG front-load washer won't turn on and remedying the problem is not necessarily difficult.

If you follow a few simple steps, you can have your washing machine up and running in no time.

  1. Press inward on the power cord to make sure it is firmly plugged into the wall.

  2. Place an ohmmeter in the top two holes in the wall outlet into which the washer is plugged. Depending on which kind of ohmmeter you own, the device will either light up, or the needle in the display will move. If either of these things happens, this indicates there is a power supply emanating from the outlet. If neither of these things happens, there is no power at the outlet.

  3. Open your home's circuit breaker box and flip the two "Washer" switches to the "On" position if they are in the "Off" position. Both switches need to be in the "On" position for the washer to get the power it needs.

  4. Press the washer door until it clicks. The washer will not run unless the door is fully closed.