How to Make a Bar Stool Out of Old Horse Saddle

Leslie Renico

If you're going for an Old West or Texas theme in your living room, converting some bar stools so that they sport horse saddles can be the crowning touch.

Atop a bar stool, this saddle would make quite the conversation piece.

While horse saddles aren't the most comfortable place for sitting and drinking for hours at a time, as a decorative touch they will keep the conversation going at your next party.

  1. Set the metal bar stool base on the floor. Depending on the manufacturer, your base may also have a raised circle where people sitting on the stool can rest their feet. The top of the base will typically feature a plate where you can screw in a metal top in the middle, or attach screws through the four corners into a different surface.

  2. Set the saddle on the base and see if the screw holes on the plate will fit into the wooden base on the bottom of the saddle. If they will, move to Step 4. If not, cut a wooden piece out of a solid hardwood that is the same dimensions as the plate on top of the base. Then move to Step 3.

  3. Use wood screws to connect the wood piece you just cut in Step 2 to the wooden base of your saddle.

  4. Use a screwdriver to put the screws in the four corners of the plate, into the wood at the bottom of the saddle -- or the piece you cut and put on, depending on the saddle. Hand tighten all four and then drill one in, jumping across the piece of wood to drill the other one in, to provide balance. Ensure all four screws are tightened.