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What Is Shoe Moulding?

Robin Durand
Table of Contents

Many types of molding are used to “dress up” a home and to add value. Shoe molding serves as a transition piece between the decoration of the base molding and the floor.


Shoe molding is a type of decorative trim used to cover any space between the base molding and the floor.


Shoe molding is straight on the bottom and on the side facing the wall and curves outward on the third side. The bottom of the molding lies on the floor and usually is installed with wood glue and/or small nails.


Shoe molding commonly measures 1/2 inch in thickness and 3/4 inch in width. It is available in various lengths including six-foot and 12-foot. Before buying, measure your walls to determine the amount of molding needed.


Molding is constructed of wood or a laminate material. Finishes include stain grade, paint grade, primed or raw.


A handsaw can be used to cut shoe molding to the desired length, but remember that if it meets with another piece of shoe molding at a corner a precise joint (miter) cut must be used in order for the pieces to fit together correctly.