How to Keep a Paint Tray Overnight

Megan Rouse

In today's economy, everyone is trying to pinch pennies and find every way possible to save a dollar. Instead of paying thousands of dollars hiring an interior decorator or contractor to recreate an old space, do it yourself by picking up some basic paint supplies.

Save money by storing your paint overnight instead of throwing it away.

By stocking up on your painting supplies at an affordable price, you can then store the paint for the long term, and even make use of any paint you may have left over in the paint tray.

  1. Use the measuring tape to measure out the length and width of the paint tray. Add four inches to both the length and width of the paint tray to ensure that the plastic wrap will fit around the edges of the paint tray.

  2. Take the box of plastic wrap, and using the measuring tape, measure out a piece equivalent to the measurement of the paint tray with the additional length for overlap.

  3. Pull the plastic wrap down carefully against the serrated edges of the plastic wrap box to cut a clean straight line through the plastic wrap.

  4. Tape an edge of the plastic wrap to the paint tray, pulling the wrap tightly around the opposite edge to the paint tray. Pull each of the remaining edges tightly and tape each edge.

  5. Wrap tape around the entire edge of the paint tray. Ensure that there are no spaces where air can enter and dry out the paint. Store the covered paint tray in a cool, dry place away from heat sources such as a furnace or direct sunlight in a temperature-controlled room until it is ready to be used again.