How to Put Target Curtain Rods Together

Kenneth Crawford

One way to keep expenses down when installing new window treatments is to purchase curtain rods from Target. Target has many curtain rod varieties and colors to choose from that can be used to accentuate and complement your home décor. However, there is some assembly necessary.

Fortunately, putting Target curtain rods together is similar to most other department store curtain rods. Each rod comes with all of the hardware necessary to assemble and hang the rod quickly.

  1. Hold one end bracket against the wall beside an upper corner of the window casing or window frame. The bottom of the bracket should be level with the top of the casing or frame.

  2. Mark the bracket's mounting holes on the wall with a pencil. Repeat for the opposite corner.

  3. Measure the window frame at the top with a tape measure. Divide the measurement in half to determine the center of the frame. Measure to the center of the window frame or casing at the top and mark this location with a pencil.

  4. Center the center bracket at your mark and mark its mounting holes.

  5. Drill pilot holes at the mounting hole marks on the wall. If you will be attaching the brackets to wood studs behind the wall, use a bit that is slightly smaller than the mounting screws. If there is no stud, use a bit the same diameter as the plastic wall anchor.

  6. Insert the plastic wall anchors and tap them flush to the wall with a hammer if there are no studs behind the wall where you are mounting.

  7. Position the end and center brackets over the mounting holes and secure them to the wall with the securing screws and a Phillips-head screwdriver.

  8. Attach the curtain holders to the brackets. The curtain rod holders are pieces of angled metal with a semi-circle on one end. Place the flat side of the holder under the wall bracket, lining up the slots or holes on each. Insert the two small bolts supplied with the kit through the top of the bracket and thread the nut from the bottom. Pull the holder away from the wall as far as it will go and tighten the securing nuts with a wrench.

  9. Loosen the set screws on the outside of the semi-circle end of the holder with your fingers. The set screws secure the Target curtain rod to the wall brackets.

  10. Grab the Target curtain rod at both ends and pull it apart.

  11. Insert one half of the rod through the upper seam of a curtain panel and bunch up the panel near the center of the Target curtain rod half. Repeat for the other half of the rod.

  12. Insert the smaller diameter half of the Target curtain rod into the larger diameter half. Adjust the length as necessary so that each decorative end fits over the outside of the end brackets.

  13. Place the rod into the top of the brackets until it rests fully inside the semi-circles.

  14. Tighten the set screws on each bracket until they are hand tight.


This procedure works for the single rod as well. Instead of separating the single rod, you unscrew one of its decorative ends. Some Target curtain rods are tension rods. These have ends that fit in a groove on the end bracket. Assembly of the brackets is similar and you remove one decorative end to slide the curtain onto the rod.