Decoration Ideas for an Old Screen Door

Jan Czech

Vintage screen doors serve as decorative elements for your home, especially if you enjoy country or shabby chic styles as inspiration.

Use a vintage screen door to frame a floral arrangement.

Find old screen doors at garage sales, flea markets or salvage shops, clean them up a bit and dress them up in colors that match the decor in or around your home as you offer new life to otherwise unwanted materials.

Playful Pantry Door

If you have a pantry in your kitchen, make it stand out by replacing the existing door with a vintage screen door. If the door is weathered with peeling paint, leave it that way for a shabby chic or primitive look. Paint it in a color that coordinates with the rest of the kitchen for a more refined country touch, or make the pantry pop by applying a bright hue such as cherry red or grass green. Remember that the screen door does not hide the pantry’s contents, so be sure to tidy up the pantry first.

Doors as Wall Decor

Free your walls from the same old mundane decorations and give them more personality with old screen doors. Hang a screen door horizontally above your couch or mantel to draw attention as an interesting architectural accent. Use a screen door as a photo display by gluing or taping photos to the screen with double-sided tape. The door may also be used as a makeshift frame for a large poster.

Upcycled Trellis

An old screen door makes an unusual trellis when you attach it to your house or potting shed or lean it against a tree in the garden. Train climbing plants such as English ivy, climbing roses and wisteria to trail over it, creating a floral focal point. Use an old wicker chair missing its seat as a planter, placing it next to the trellis to form a rustic vignette that’s right at home in a shabby chic or primitive-style garden.

Divided Attention

Screen doors make attention-grabbing room dividers. Because they're see-through, they delineate the boundaries between living areas while still maintaining an open, airy feeling. To create these folding screens, hinge several vintage screen doors together using door hinges, arranging the doors so they stand on their own. Keep handles intact on the doors to make the contraption easier to manipulate.

Handmade Headboard

Hang one or two screen doors, either vertically or horizontally, on the wall behind the head of the bed using L-brackets secured to studs or wall anchors. If you like to switch things out frequently to give the room a new look, simply lean the doors vertically against the wall behind the bed to swap the doors out any time you like. Hang framed pictures or art from the screen portion of the doors using small S-hooks secured to picture wire on the backs of the frames.