How to Wallpaper a Door

How to Wallpaper a Door. There are many ways to decorate a door, including wallpapering it. With so many different types of wallpapers to choose from, consumers can create a distinctive look in every room of their homes. The process of applying wallpaper to a door is simple.

  1. Decide which doors in your home you would like to spruce up by adding wallpaper. The doors should be plain so that you can apply a primer before attaching the wallpaper.

  2. Select a wallpaper, considering the texture and visual look that you want to give your door.

  3. Measure and cut your wallpaper panel to fit the door, being careful not to run the wallpaper over the doorknob. To ensure that the wallpaper looks its best, center it on the door before you cut.

  4. Remove the door from its hinges and take off the hardware. Place the door on supports to make it easier to paint and wallpaper.

  5. Choose a light base color, and then prime and paint the door's surface. Wait for the paint to dry before you apply the wallpaper. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly apply your particular wallpaper.

  6. Create a border around the wallpaper panel for a nicer look with miter-cutting molding. Paint the molding pieces with the same base color as the door. Put the molding pieces together and attach them to the door using wood glue.

  7. Replace the hardware and put the door back on its hinges once the wallpaper is completely dry.