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Window Treatments for an Oval Door Window

Nick Davis
Table of Contents

Exterior doors for houses are available in a variety of styles, colors and shapes including ones with oval windows. A door containing an oval window may be stylish, but offers no privacy. Visitors coming to your door or people passing by your house can see in if the window is not covered.

There are window treatments available for doors with oval windows. From covering the window with a fabric covering or covering the glass with a opaque film, there are ways to cover the stylish window.


One window treatment for oval door windows is to cover the glass with a piece of fabric that complements the door and your house. To make a custom curtain, take a piece of newspaper and tape it to the edge of the window. Make sure you are on the window frame and not on the glass itself. Using a marker, outline the shape of the frame. This is your pattern for cutting your fabric. Lay the pattern on the fabric, and cut out the shape. Next attach the fabric cut out to the edge of the window with small finishing nails or an adhesive. Make sure the adhesive is safe for the fabric and dries clear.

Custom-Made Shades

Another window treatment for your oval door window is a custom-made shade. Before contacting a shade/awning or outdoor accessories store in your area, measure the window and the door and decide what type of shade you would like for the window. Custom-made shades vary in prices and material used.

Frosting Spray

If fabric or a custom-made shade is not an option for your oval door window, purchase some frosting spray, and use it on the window. This window treatment is perfect for the holidays. Frosting spray dries within minutes and is easily removed with a cleaner and a soft rag or towel.

Glass Etching Acid

Glass etching acid is a creative way of covering your oval door window. The chemical comes in a spray and is easily applied within a few minutes. Glass etching acid can also be used to create a design on your door window. Purchase a large stencil or several small ones and tape them in the middle of the oval door window. Next, tape off any areas surrounding the stencils. Then use some glass etching acid to fill them in. The spray is available at your local crafts supply store or home improvement center.

Window Film

Another option for covering a oval window is applying a window film to provide privacy. Window films are available with or without designs etched on them and are easily trimmed to fit any size oval window. The films are available at your local home improvement center or from a number of companies online that specialize in window films.