How do I Apply Monterrey Drag Texture to a Wall?

Mona Culberson

The Monterey Drag texture application is a popular decoration technique that can be applied by the homeowner at a smaller cost than hiring a professional. The technique also is known as the California drag, widely used in southwestern-style homes.

The Monterrey Drag

To achieve this look, spray the drywall texture onto the walls, let it dry for a short time and knock parts of it down with a trowel to create a pattern. This style is useful for hiding flaws and camouflaging problem areas.


Use an even, sweeping motion when spraying the texture. Lightly sand over the walls in smooth, even strokes.

  1. Prepare the mud mixture with the mixing drill in the 5-gallon bucket according to the package instructions. Use mud or dry joint compound. Both will require water to mix. Do not mix so thickly that the mixture will not spray easily.

  2. Pour the mud mixture into the hopper, and turn on the compressor. Set the dial on the hopper to the desired texture size. Holding the hopper about 2 feet from the wall, pull the trigger on the gun. Spray the texture thickly onto the walls using even, steady strokes.

  3. Allow the texture to dry for 15 minutes. "Drag" the texture with a trowel. Drag your blade evenly over the texture, creating a flat pattern. Wipe the blade with each drag before beginning again. Repeat this process for each wall. Allow the mud texture to dry completely according to the package instructions.

  4. Allow the texture to dry overnight. Sand over the walls with the sanding pole to remove any rough areas. Do not sand off the texture. Your walls are now ready to prime and paint.