How to Cover a Mirrored Wall

Katie Duzan

Mirrored walls are great for weight rooms and dance studios, but are not always the best choice for other purposes. Mirrors are also difficult to remove from the wall, meaning that removing them isn’t always an option.

Covering a mirrored wall is much easier than taking the mirrors off, but it does require time and effort. Discover a simple methods to cover a mirrored wall.

  1. Use curtains. Hang the rods on the walls above the mirror side by side. Use long drapes pulled across the rod to block the view of the mirror. A lace or sheer curtain creates an interesting look by blocking the mirror partially.

  2. Try a privacy screen. Privacy screens are folding screens that block what’s behind them from view. Vintage privacy screens are all wood with intricate fabric draped behind. Current pieces range from metal bases with plain fabric to screens that hold photos for display. Simply place a privacy screen in areas where the mirror is open to block it from sight.

  3. Rearrange the furniture. Move large furniture items to block the mirrored wall.

  4. Think smaller. Use small items such as postcards and pictures to create a full-wall collage. Avoid using tape on the corners of the small items. Even invisible tape is visible on walls, so it’s not a valid option. Sticky putty or double-sided tape on the back of the photos works best. Be sure to put it under all the corners to avoid items falling off or corners sticking out.

  5. Go with posters. Posters are large paper artwork items that easily affix to walls. They are available in a huge variety of prints, from classical artists to modern artwork. Use the putty or double-sided tape under all the corners to keep items from falling and to keep the appearance clean.

  6. Use plain fabric. For a cheap and easy alternative, simply pick up cuts of whatever fabric looks good, and tack it up to the wall above and below the mirror. This option is not the most visually appealing, but works as a temporary solution or a cheap option when the others are too expensive.