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How to Remove the Shelf on a Samsung French Door Refrigerator

Sommer Leigh

Remove the shelves on a Samsung French door refrigerator when moving the refrigerator, preparing the appliance for storage, cleaning it or making room for large items. The refrigerator has tempered glass shelves that set into shelf hooks. Because the shelves are heavy and breakable, they require strength and secure handling when lifting them from the refrigerator. The vegetable and fruit drawers have shelves located directly above them, so additional steps are necessary to properly remove the shelving in this position.

Step 1

Open the doors fully so the bins and the doors themselves don't obstruct the shelves when you pull them out.

Step 2

Pull out and remove the produce drawers from the refrigerator first if you are removing the shelves that sit directly on top of them.

Step 3

Hold onto to the front of the shelf with both hands.

Step 4

Keep one hand on the front of the shelf as you move the other hand underneath the glass to the middle of the shelf.

Step 5

Support the glass, and use both hands to tilt the front of the shelf up.

Step 6

Pull the shelf forward to release it from the shelf hooks, and then pull it out.