How to Install a Portfolio Light Fixture

Anne Rose

Portfolio Lighting is a leader in lighting innovation. Portfolio's products include flush-mount fixtures, lanterns, hanging pendants, low-voltage lighting, surface lighting and landscape lighting, but the manufacturer is known especially for its recessed-lighting systems.

Designers and architects use Portfolio lighting to add emphasis and custom details. The installation for each Portfolio light fixture is unique, but it starts with basic procedures.


Depending on the electrical configuration of the Portfolio light fixture, installation can range from simple to complicated. Contact a home lighting specialist or qualified electrician if you need assistance.


Turn off the electric power at the light switch and at the circuit breaker before starting any electrical project. Use a volt meter to test the circuit to make certain that the power is off.

  1. Confirm a hot wire or switch leg (colored), a neutral wire (white) and a ground wire (green) at the electrical source where the Portfolio light fixture will be installed. Contact a qualified electrician to complete the work if electrical connections are missing.

  2. Turn off the switch to the Portfolio light fixture. Turn off the switch to the connecting circuit at the breaker box. Test the power with a volt meter to ensure it is turned off at the circuit junction.

  3. Strip 3/4-inch of plastic insulation from the hot, neutral and ground wires using wire strippers at both the junction box and on the Portfolio light fixture.

  4. Using electrician pliers, twist together the corresponding wires: hot (colored), neutral (white) and ground (green).

  5. Screw wire nuts onto each connection. Wrap each wire connection with electrical tape. Tuck the connections into either the junction box or the Portfolio light fixture.

  6. Follow the instructions included with each Portfolio lighting product to install brackets, glass trim, accent trim, globes, crystal pendants or other decorative accessories. Install the light bulbs specific to the product.

  7. Turn on the electricity to the Portfolio light fixture at the circuit breaker and at the light switch to ensure the fixture works.