How to Fix A Loud Squeaky Garage Door

A loud squeaky garage door is annoying every time it opens and closes. Unless there is a broken piece, all cases of the squeaks can be quickly silenced with a little spray lube at the right places. An inspection of the working parts must be done prior to lubrication.

Use a spray lube to silence loud squeaky garage doors.

Broken parts will squeak no matter how well they are lubed, and will need to be replaced first before a squeaky cure can be affected.

  1. Carefully inspect your garage door track and wheels. Look for broken hinges or broken connectors on the door proper. A broken piece must be replaced before going to step two. Hinges and connectors will squeak when broken, and garage door parts are readily found at hardware stores or home improvement stores. Replace them as needed.

  2. Apply spray lube liberally to the inside of the garage door track. Make sure you cover the entire inside of the track as best as you can. Open and close the garage door several times until the track is coated. This will work the lube into the track evenly and give you a nice quiet result. Make sure to wipe any blobs of excess lube from the track with a rag. The last thing you want is to get dripping lube onto your car and garage floor.

  3. Spray lube all of the hinges on the inside of the door. Again, once sprayed, open and close the garage door several times to work the lube in.

  4. Wipe off the spring and chain if you have an electric garage door opener. Use a silicone spray to lubricate your garage door spring and chain. The chain is located on the motor and should be partially, if not fully exposed. Your spring should be in the center of your garage door coming off of the motor. With all of these parts lubricated, your garage door should glide smoothly and quietly when it is both opened and closed.