How to Clean a Craftsman Ratchet

Mason Howard

A popular brand of ratchets, those handy torque tools used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts, is Craftsman . With proper care a Craftsman ratchet can last a lifetime. Every mechanic has a trusted ratchet set and a mechanic's ratchet can often accumulate a build-up of grease. Neglected ratchets can also succumb to rust, which should be cleaned as soon as possible, before the problem worsens.


The sockets can be cleaned along with the ratchet.
  1. Fill a bucket or tub with a solution of hot water and dish soap. The more grease-cutting abilities the dish soap has, the better.

  2. Drop the ratchet into the soapy water. Any greasy sockets and extension bars can also be submerged.

  3. Clean any gunk out the crevice around the plastic wheel on the ratchet head with a piece of wire while the ratchet is soaking.

  4. Leave the ratchet to soak for at least five minutes or until the grease is lifted.

  5. Rinse the ratchet with fresh water and dry it with a towel.

Rust Spots

  1. Apply silicone lubricant spray to the rust spots.

  2. Scrub the rust away with a scouring pad.

  3. Dry the tool and clean the residual lubricant with a dry towel.

  4. Avoid rusting in the future by storing the tool in a dry area.

Heavy Rusting

  1. Spray the ratchet to coat it with a rust remover. Make sure spray is getting into the crevice around the plastic wheel on the ratchet head. The spray will begin annihilating the rust immediately.

  2. Wipe away the loosened rust with a dry towel.

  3. Spray the ratchet with a rust inhibitor.

  4. Wipe away the spray with a dry towel. The rust inhibitor will leave a rust-resistant film.