How to Remove the Drawer From a Craftsman Tool Chest

Russell Wood

Craftsman tools has been around for a long time producing tools and tool storage for the homeowner and home mechanic. Because of their low price and easy availability, you will find Craftsman tool chests in garages across the country.

Like anything else, these boxes need maintenance, including lubricating the drawer glides on occasion. To do that, you must first remove the drawer, and that won't take very long at all.

  1. Open the tool chest drawer, remove all contents and place them to the side. You want to make the drawer as light as possible before you remove it.

  2. Keep the drawer open, and look at the drawer glides on the sides of the drawer. There should be a long, black plastic piece, about 1/8-inch wide and 2-inches long, that comes out of the joint between where the two glides meet.

  3. Place your left hand on the left side of the drawer and your right hand on the right side. With your fingers, pull up or push down on the black plastic pieces. Not every drawer is the same, and the plastic tabs can only go one direction, so by applying a little pressure up or down on one side and then the other, you can find out which way the plastic tabs should go, and hold them in that direction.

  4. Pull out the drawer while holding the plastic tabs with your fingers. The drawer is now removed from the chest. When you need to reinstall it, the drawer glides simply push into each other.