How to Balance HVAC Air Flow

How to Balance HVAC Air Flow. Your heating and air conditioning unit will not warm or cool your home properly without balance in the HVAC air flow. If your home has uneven temperatures from room to room, you need to balance the air flow in your HVAC system.

  1. Know that balancing HVAC air flow will not only make your home more comfortable throughout, it will also make the system run more efficiently. Efficient operation of the HVAC unit means lower utility bills.

  2. Review the air flow in your home with an overall inspection. Walk through your home and notice the areas that seem too warm or too cold. You must first determine where the biggest temperature fluctuations are in order to balance HVAC air flow.

  3. Check to make sure that all of the air registers are open throughout the house. Air registers are the grill-like vents that are in each room to release the warm or cool air. Air supply registers have a small lever to open or close the vent. Air return registers don't have the lever, but it's important to make sure that all registers are unobstructed by furniture, drapes or clutter.

  4. Try simply adjusting the lever on the air register in any room that is too hot or too cold. Sometimes partially closing a vent on a register in a small room that needs less air flow will force more air into a larger room, making it more comfortable.

  5. Balance HVAC air flow from the duct system if your HVAC has manual balancing dampers. These dampers are located at certain duct points and slide open or shut to increase or limit air flow from the main source. Talk with your local HVAC service company about adding balancing dampers if your system doesn't have this feature.