How to Clean a Baseboard Heater

How to Clean a Baseboard Heater. Baseboard heaters can become quite dirty over time as the build up of dust and other debris finds its way into the vents and outlets. It is generally recommended that a baseboard heater be thoroughly inspected and cleaned at the start of autumn.

Ensuring that the baseboard heating system is in good working order will allow the unit to function at its full capacity throughout the colder months. Read on to learn more.

  1. Move any furniture away from the baseboard heating unit. All of the vents and outlets must be free of obstructions to allow easy access for cleaning.

  2. Turn off the heater. Make certain the heater has no power to it when cleaning. Unplug the system from the wall if it is a self-contained unit or disconnect power at the home's main power supply panel.

  3. Prepare a solution of water and liquid soap. Any household detergent will suffice. Fill a bucket with water and add the soap until mildly frothy. Soak a soft cloth and wring it out before wiping down the front of the baseboard heater.

  4. Remove the front bezel or panel from the baseboard heating unit if possible and wipe this piece down front and back. Clean between the fins or vents.

  5. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to suck up and remaining dust or debris found within the face of the baseboard heater.


Keep furniture and other obstructions at least 6 inches from the face of the unit to allow for proper airflow to and from the heater. Watch for dust build-up over time and simply dust the unit with a duster or a static wand to catch hair and dander.


Cut power to the unit before any maintenance is done on the baseboard heater.