How to Drill Out a Deadbolt Lock

Robert Good

Inside every deadbolt lock are a number of tumbler pins that lock and unlock the bolt. If you lose the key and can not pick the deadbolt, than you can drill the deadbolt to break the tumbler pins and turn the lock using an object. Drilling a deadbolt lock should be your last option, because it will destroy the lock.

Drilling a deadbolt will not be difficult, but you will need the correct tools.

  1. Place a drill bit into the tip of the power drill and tighten the tip of the power drill according to that model power drill. Spray the drill bit with lubricant so that the bit is completely covered with lube.

  2. Spray the lubricant inside the deadbolt and around the outer edge of the key hole, and place the tip of the drill bit onto the center of the key hole.

  3. Pull the trigger on the power drill to spin the drill bit. Gently apply pressure onto the drill to force the drill bit into the key hole. As the drill bit penetrates the key hole, apply lubricant to keep the friction from braking the drill bit. Do this until the drill bit breaks through the rear of the lock and all of the tumbler pins are ground down.

  4. Once the deadbolt has been drilled, stick a screwdriver into the hole and turn the lock to unlock it.