How to Fix a Salt Bridge

How to Fix a Salt Bridge. A salt bridge may form inside your water softener because of several reasons. You may have added too much salt or the wrong kind of salt. Also, you live may in an area with high humidity. Follow these steps to fix a salt bridge and help your water softener work efficiently.

  1. Identify the problem. A salt bridge usually doesn't go all the way to the bottom of your water softener. The salt pellets on top will probably look normal, but underneath them is a hardened crust of salt between the pellets and the water on the bottom of your softener.

  2. Turn off the water to your water softener. You can turn it off at the incoming faucet or by using the bypass valve.

  3. Get a broom, mop or something else with a long handle. Turn it upside down and put it inside the water softener.

  4. Tap the salt bridge with the handle until you break the salt bridge. If you can't break the salt bridge, find something sharper, like a pick axe.

  5. Remove the loose salt pellets from the top with a plastic container. Chink away at the salt crust but be very careful not to puncture a hold in your softener. Stay away from the sides. Break up small chunks and remove them by scooping them up with a small plastic container.

  6. Vacuum the water in the bottom of the softener with a wet/dry vacuum. Turn the water to your softener back on. Follow the instructions in your water softener instruction manual for regenerating your softener.


Be sure to use only salt pellets in your softener. Keep your softener only about 1/3 full of pellets. It is better to refill your softener often than to have to break up another salt bridge.

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