How to Program a RainSoft Water Softener After Adding Salt

Kenneth Crawford

Each time you add salt to the RainSoft water softener, you must program the weight of the salt you are adding. This will allow the RainSoft softener to accurately let you know when you are running low on salt.

The weight programming will only take a few minutes but it will keep you from accidentally running out of salt in your softener. Remember to always use block salt or solar salt in your system. Using rock salt will require periodic cleaning of the brine tank. Never use granulated salt as this will cause damage to the softener.

  1. Locate the “Menu Scroll” button on your home screen. Press the button four times until the “Pounds To Regenerate” icon comes up. The icon will appear in the lower right of the digital display.

  2. Press the “Up” or “Down” buttons to adjust the pounds of salt that you added to the softener. The “Up” and “Down” buttons will be toward the right part of the home screen below the digital display.

  3. Exit the program mode by pressing the “Menu Scroll” button one more time on the home screen.


The regeneration program does not need to be reset when adding salt.