How to Install a Magnetic Door Stop

Jennifer Long

If you’ve ever dealt with your doors slamming shut when you want to leave them open or slamming open and leaving a handle-sized hole in your wall with a simple gusty breeze, you’ve probably decided to install a magnetic door stop.

This type of door stop protects your wall from damage, but it also holds your door open if you desire. Installing a magnetic door stop only takes a little time and effort.


If you have a wooden floor, you can mount the door stop section to the floor with the same method as the wall trim mount. Use the power drill to pre-drill screw holes after you mark the screw holes through the mounting plates, if necessary, to avoid splitting wood or to help make holes in metal doors.


  1. Attach the magnetic catch assembly and door stop together. You are placing the two magnet ends together.

  2. Place the entire assembly together in the locations where you are installing. The mounting end of the door stop should be positioned against the wall trim, while the mounting end of the catch assembly should be positioned against the door.

  3. Trace a circle around the door stop piece on the wall trim, using a pencil.

  4. Trace a circle around the catch piece on the door with the pencil.

Mounting the Catch

  1. Place the blade of the flat-head screwdriver into the slot on the underside of the catch mounting plate. Rotate counterclockwise while holding the catch section still. The mounting plate is now detached.

  2. Place the catch mounting plate on the penciled circle on the door. Mark your screw holes.

  3. Attach the plate to the door, using the two included screws and the screwdriver or a drill.

  4. Assemble the catch body. Place the button-shaped magnet into the body section so that it sticks through the hole. Add the spring so the narrow end sits inside the button and the wide end will sit against the plate.

  5. Press the assembled catch body against the plate and turn clockwise to connect the catch body and plate together.

Mounting the Door Stop

  1. Remove the mounting plate from the door stop in the same manner as the catch plate.

  2. Place the mounting plate centered in your circle on the wall trim and mark your screw holes.

  3. Place the base plate screw through the square hole from the bottom and then set the base plate back on the circle, lining up your marked screw holes.

  4. Secure the mounting plate to the wall trim with the included screws and a screwdriver or drill. The threads of your base plate screw will be sticking through the plate.

  5. Place the door stop body over the screw and turn clockwise to connect the body and the plate together.