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Moen Shower Slide Bar Installation

Steven Symes

Unlike a towel bar, a Moen shower head slide bar mounts vertically on the shower wall, with one end of the slide bar sitting higher than the other end. Once installed, you can secure the shower head to the holder on the slide bar, then slide the secured head up and down on the bar to change the height of the shower head, or you can remove the shower head to use it at any angle you desire. Installing the shower head slide bar only takes a few moments.

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Step 1

Assemble the bar by sliding the handle holder bracket over the open end of the bar. Insert the half circle piece into the open end of the bar, then insert the open end of the bar into the opening in the other mounting bracket. Measure the distance between the two mounting holes in the slide bar using measuring tape. Measure the distance a second time to guard against error in using the measuring tape.

Step 2

Choose where on the shower wall you want to mount the slide bar, placing a stud finder on the wall to see if a stud is near where you want to place the mount. Use the measuring tape and a pen to mark two holes on the shower wall, the same distance apart that you measured on the bar.

Step 3

Make two guide holes, using a 5/8 inch drill bit, where you marked with the pen on the wall. Line the holes in the slide bar up with the holes in the slide bar.

Step 4

Slide the mounting screws through the holes in the shower bar and insert the screw tips into the pilot holes in the wall. Drive the screws into the wall until the heads are flush with the slide bar and the slid bar is securely attached to the shower wall. Use the winged hollow wall anchors, if you are not mounting the slide bar to a stud, by closing the wings and screwing the anchors into the guide holes until the anchors' heads are flush with the bar.

Step 5

Press the plastic caps into the recessed areas where the mounting screws are located on the slid bar. Secure the shower head’s handle in the holder on the slide bar by inserting the hose portion connected to the shower head into the holder, then lowering the bottom of the shower head's handle into the holder until it sits firmly in place.