How to Replace a Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

How to Replace a Whole House Water Filter Cartridge. Water filtration provides healthy, safe drinking, washing and bathing water for you and your family. A whole house water filter can even improve the air quality inside your home. Since chlorine is removed, it can't vaporize into the air inside.

  1. Replace a whole house water filter cartridge regularly. Most experts recommend every three months and make sure you purchase the right kind of cartridge. It should say "whole house" on the package.

  2. Turn your water supply off. Most homes have a cutoff on the supply line located just before the filter so that the homeowner doesn't have to go to the road to cut off or to the well to turn the pump off.

  3. Relieve the water pressure on the lines before you unscrew the holder that holds the water filter. The water filter cartridge is pressurized when the water is running, and so it must be relieved before you can replace a whole house water filter cartridge. You can turn a faucet on inside the house or turn on the outside garden hose faucet to relieve pressure.

  4. Unscrew the housing that holds the water filter cartridge. Most filters are housed in a type of wrench-like hard plastic or PVC pipe that has grooves that wrap all the way around the cartridge housing. This is so that you can easily unscrew the cartridge. Take the housing all the way out.

  5. Remove the old filter and clean the inside of the housing with paper towels to remove any built-up debris. Put the new filter in the housing and screw the housing back in place.

  6. Turn the faucet off that you had running to relieve pressure. Turn the main water supply back on. Check for leaks around the cartridge housing.