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How to Paint Window and Door Screens

Josh Baum

Most people don't even consider that they can paint their window and door screens. If you're looking for a unique way to add a new look to your home's decor, this just might be what you're looking for. Just be careful about how you paint your screens, as the wrong tools or method can leave you with an ugly mess.

  1. Remove the screen you wish to paint from the window panel or door frame. Use a screwdriver or other tool better suited to the type of screen installation you need to work with. When the screens are removed, prop them against a tree.

  2. Open the can of paint with a paint can opener. Stir the paint well with a paint stirring stick. When the paint is well mixed, pour a small amount into a paint tray.

  3. Dip the paint pad into the paint. Use a putty knife to work the paint into the pad and then scrape off the excess paint. The goal is to get the pad only slightly damp with paint.

  4. Gently brush the screen with the damp paint pad. Brush with horizontal back-and-forth strokes until the entire side is covered.

  5. Turn the screen around and paint the opposite side in the same way.

  6. Allow the screens to dry completely before re-installing. Use a screwdriver or other essential hand tool.


If you find that you're having trouble keeping the holes from getting clogged up with paint, fix each hole individually by poking a sewing needle through it. You can do this while the paint is still wet or even after it dries.


Too much paint on your paint pad, will clog up the holes in the screen.