How to Get Rid of Termites Without Tenting

J. Johnson

Termites are a type of pest that can cause significant damage to wooden areas of your home. A termite infestation can be discovered when you find a termite indoors or when you find a damaged wooden area around the house, such as a baseboard. Even a small infestation should not be handled by the homeowner.

Professional intervention is necessary to get rid of the termites. However, if you choose the right professional and have a small enough infestation, tenting for fumigation may not be required.

  1. Consult with several termite control companies. If they all tell you that tenting is needed, then your infestation might be too substantial to get rid of the termites without tenting.

  2. Ask for estimates from termite control companies that intend to get rid of the termites without tenting.

  3. Check to be sure the companies you’re considering are licensed by your state and the Department of Agriculture.

  4. Find out what methods the termite control companies you’re considering use other than tenting. A common method, for example, is injecting a termiticide into the ground by your foundation and within the walls of your home.

  5. Get a guarantee. Since the company will not be tenting your home, get a written guarantee that the treatment will get rid of the termites. Be sure the guarantee is valid for at least six months in case the termites should return.

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