How to Clean Mold & Mildew Off Furniture

Alicia Bodine

If you have ever stored some furniture in a garage or storage unit, chances are you have experienced some mold and mildew problems. Mold and mildew grow on furniture when the furniture is left in a dark place that is also warm and moist.


That means that the summer time is a perfect time for your furniture to grow mold when left in a dark storage facility. If you find that your furniture does have mold or mildew, you can clean it and save the furniture.


Try to prevent mold and mildew growth by making sure your storage facility is properly aired out. Go there every couple of days and open the doors for awhile.


If your furniture is an antique it is best to contact a professional to restore the furniture back to its original condition by removing the mold and mildew and adding a new finish. Never mix bleach with ammonia when cleaning.

  1. Take your affected furniture outside. It is best if you work with it outside so that you don't breathe in the mold and mildew. Now is the best time to put your face mask on. You can lay your furniture on a painter's drop cloth or a tarp.

  2. Slide a pair of plastic gloves on and then choose your cleaner. The cleaner will depend upon which part of the furniture you are cleaning. You will need Pine-Sol for wood, and Woolite to for upholstery.

  3. Spray the cleaner on the mold and mildew and wipe up with a rag. Dip your rag in hot water and ring it out. Continue on with this cycle until the furniture has been cleaned. You may still see the mold and mildew at this point.

  4. Leave your furniture out in the sun to dry. The sun will aid in drying up the mold and mildew and taking away the conditions it needs to thrive.

  5. Disinfect your furniture by mixing 1 cup of bleach for every 5 cups of hot water in a bucket. Use a white rag to wipe down the furniture where the mold and mildew are. The bleach will kill the mold and mildew so you should not see any signs of it after this stage. If you are afraid that the bleach will change the color of your furniture or upholstery, you can first test a spot by applying the solution and wait 5 minutes to see what happens. If everything is okay then continue. If not, you will need to contact a professional cleaner.

  6. Allow the furniture to dry again in the sun.

  7. Polish the furniture. This is mostly for the wood furniture as your cleaning would have stripped it of its original polish. Pledge is a good product to use for re-polishing your furniture.