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How to Clean Powder Coated Furniture

Tonya Goodspeed

Powder coated furniture comes with the promise of never rusting. Although this is accurate, continuous exposure to the elements can create areas of discoloration or rough spots from debris hitting it. You can keep your powder coated aluminum furniture looking new year after year.

  1. Add some mild dishwashing soap to warm water plus a natural acid like lemon juice or white vinegar.

  2. Apply the mixture with a clean sponge and scrub aluminum furniture thoroughly. This should eliminate any discoloration and get rid of dirt and debris build-up from being outside.

  3. Polish any rough spots on your powder coated aluminum furniture with steel wool.

  4. Rinse thoroughly using the same warm water plus dishwashing soap and lemon juice (or vinegar) mixture to clean the polished areas. If you don't get all the steel wool off of the furniture, it could rust and stain the furniture.

  5. Maintain this ritual every season and your powder coated aluminum furniture will live up to its name and truly last a lifetime.