The Best Pans for Glass Top Stoves

Norah Faith

Anyone who loves the kitchen will want the best appliances she can afford. A glass-top stove lends class to a kitchen and makes cooking a pleasure. However, a glass-top stove requires special treatment and care. Specific types of pots and pans must be used to avoid scratches.

What to Consider When You Make Your Selection

The surface of a glass-top stove is delicate to a certain extent and prone to scratches. No matter what type of cookware you use, make sure it is completely flat on the bottom. Even the slightest ridges or rings on the bottom of a pan can result in scratches each time the pan is moved on the stove top. A last-resort alternative would be to lift the pan each time you need to move it. Choose heavy-bottomed, uncolored cookware. Heavy-bottomed pans will not shift around as much and cause scratches to your glass stove top. Pans that are colored can bleed color onto the stove top, causing stains.

Brands to Choose

Brands that work well on glass-top stoves include All-Clads and Emeril. You can select cooking pots from Revere Ware that are Teflon-based. Farberware is another good brand that has a number of pans and skillets to choose from. Anodized cookware, which is specially coated aluminum, is another good option. Some types of anodized cookware are Calphalon, Analon and Circlon.

Tips To Remember

Stay away from metal-based cookware because it can scratch and damage your stove top. Choose cookware with deep sides. Glass-top stoves tend to cause pots to boil over and you may end up with dirty stove vents. Also opt for medium-sized cookware; smaller pans heat up quickly, and with larger pans you could face a heat distribution problem.