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How to Troubleshoot a GE Profile Cooktop Hot Light That Stays On

Damarious Page

GE Appliances manufactures more than 80 cooktop models, and about 55 of them are in the GE Profile family of cooktops. If you own one of the electric smoothtop or induction models, you will operate the cooktop using electronic and lighted controls. The glowing indicators for "hot" or "heat" are a safeguard for you, since you don't see an open flame as you would on a gas-based cooktop or range. A solidly lit hot indicator is normal, but you might need to troubleshoot by monitoring the cooktop's actions if you believe there is a potential malfunction or problem.

Step 1

Wait for the "Hot Surface" indicator light to stop glowing. GE designed and programmed the Profile cooktop to automatically sense the temperature of the heating element. The "Hot Surface" light will turn off after reaching a safe temperature of about 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This indicator stays on from the time you initially turn on a surface element and even after your turn it off, but the time frame varies depending on your specific model. You do not need to manually determine the temperature of the heating element, as this could pose both a safety hazard and produce inaccurate measurements.

Step 2

Expect the indicator lights to stay on if you have activated the cooktop's advanced burner features. Some GE Profile models have "Dual-Ring" and "Tri-Ring" heating elements, which can vary in size, ranging from six inches to 12 inches in diameter, depending on the model. If you mistakenly use the smaller burner setting -- 6 inches -- but place a 9-inch pan on top of the cooktop, your eyes might not visually notice that the burner is still hot. Also, you may not feel the heat radiating from the element. This indicator light can help you avoid leaving pots on the stove and potentially creating a fire hazard.

Step 3

Anticipate that the "Control Lock" feature will stay lit on the cooktop, until it is unlocked. The locking mechanism is "virtual," or digitally programmed, to disable the control pad, as you don't see or have access to a physical lock and key. Press and hold the "Control Lock" pad for three seconds, and a three-beep sound will indicate that the cooktop is unlocked, and the light will be turned off.