How to Wax Ceramic Tile

Aryeh Raphael

Ceramic tiles offer a warm, rustic feeling in a room yet sometimes lack that polished shine that other tiles have. Waxing ceramic tiles will give you that smooth finish combined with ceramic’s natural charms. The whole procedure is a simple one that you need not repeat more than twice a year.

Waxing ceramic tiles give them a shiny and upgraded look.

Make sure the materials you use are designed for ceramic tiles or they can cause damage to the surface of the tiles that can’t be repaired.


Wax the floors at night to allow the floors to rest overnight.


Make sure the wax is thoroughly buffed to avoid creating an unsafe, slippery surface.

  1. Clean the tiles very thoroughly with a damp mop to remove any dirt that may prevent the wax from adhering to the floor. Allow the tiles to dry completely after cleaning.

  2. Remove any excess wax buildup from previous waxings. Use a cleaner designed specifically for removing wax from ceramic tiles. Apply the cleaner to the wax build up with a stiff brush and brush vigorously until the wax is gone.

  3. Let the tiles rest for a week after removing old wax.

  4. Apply a ceramic tile wax to your tiles in a very thin layer, following the manufacturer's instructions. The wax should be spread as thin as possible.

  5. Use a power buffer to create an even luster in the wax.