How to Get Fleas & Bugs Out of a Down Pillow

Julie Hampton

Fleas and other insects may lay eggs or even live on or near down pillows and other bedding. Never spray bedding with insecticide or any type of pest control spray. Getting rid of fleas in a down pillow takes just a few simple steps.

Treatment is also recommended for the surrounding area, including pets, carpet and yards, so the down pillow will not become infested again.

  1. Remove down pillows and all other bedding. Inspect the pillow to ensure there are no holes or open areas. Sew any open areas shut with a needle and thread prior to washing. Place two pillows into the washing machine. Always wash two pillows at a time to balance the washer. Use a commercial washing machine at a laundromat, if the pillows are too large. Use warm or hot water and gentle, non-bleach detergent.

  2. Place the pillows in the dryer. Add a clean pair of tennis shoes or tennis balls wrapped in socks to fluff the pillows while drying. Stop the dryer every 30 minutes to fluff the pillows by hand and release some of the heat.

  3. Wash down pillows weekly while using other treatment methods to rid fleas and bugs from the home. Remember, ridding a home of fleas may take several weeks.