How to Clean a Microbead Pillow

Kathryn Hatter

A microbead pillow is made from tiny microbeads inside the outer pillow covering. Due to the number of separate microbeads contained in a microbead pillow, these pillows are especially soft and will conform to your shape as you use the pillow.

While microbead pillows are exceedingly comfortable, they may be difficult to clean depending on the variety. Make sure you have washing instructions that are specific to your brand of microbead pillow before proceeding with any drastic washing methods. Most microbead pillows must be spot cleaned or surface washed only.

  1. Read the washing instructions for your microbead pillow. Most microbead pillows can only be surface washed.

  2. Dampen a soft cloth with water, and place a drop or two of dishwashing soap onto one corner of the soft cloth. Rub the cloth to make suds appear on the cloth.

  3. Rub any stained areas with the soapy soft cloth to remove surface stains on the outer surface of the pillow. Try to keep the moisture on the surface of the pillow only, and do not allow the moisture to penetrate down into the microbeads.

  4. Rinse the cloth with plain water to remove the soap. Use the damp cloth to remove the soap from the surface of the pillow.

  5. Hang the pillow from a clothesline to dry the dampened areas.


If your microbead pillow is safe to machine wash, wash it with a full load of other clothing or towels that are similar colors. Wash the microbead pillow in a gentle wash cycle in warm water using a mild laundry detergent. A front loading washing machine is best suited for washing a microbead pillow; however, top-loading washing machines are acceptable as long as the wash load is full. Dry a microbead pillow in the dryer using a low temperature. Consider placing the microbead pillow into an outer pillowcase to protect the pillow from stains and dust. When the outer pillowcase becomes soiled, simply remove it and launder it. Replace the clean pillowcase on the microbead pillow. It may be possible to dry clean a microbead pillow.