How to Clean a 3M 5120 Precise With Gel Wrist Rest

Kimberly Johnson

The 3M Precise Mousing Surface with Gel Wrist Rest is an ergonomically designed mouse pad that supports the wrist during use. It has a microfiber surface that can be used with both standard roller mouse devices and optical mouse devices.

Clean mouse pads regularly to remove bacteria.

Like all other mouse pads, the 3M Precise Mousing Surface with Gel Wrist Rest should be cleaned regularly to remove bacteria and viruses from the surface. In addition, cleaning the pad removes dust and crumbs which can interfere with the operation of the mouse.

  1. Hold the 3M mouse pad over a sink or trash can and wipe it off with a dry cloth to remove as much of the dust as possible. You can also shake the mouse pad to dislodge the debris.

  2. Hold a washcloth under warm running water until it is completely saturated. Wring out the cloth to remove most of the water.

  3. Apply 1/2 tsp. of shampoo onto the washcloth and rub the cloth together to distribute the soap.

  4. Place the 3M mouse pad on a flat surface and scrub the top of it with the soapy washcloth to remove the dirt and stains. Concentrate on any obviously stained areas and continue scrubbing until the mouse pad looks clean.

  5. Rinse the washcloth well in clean water to remove all soap residue.

  6. Wipe the entire surface of the 3M mouse pad with the cloth to remove the soap residue.

  7. Place a dry towel on top of the mouse pad and press down gently to absorb as much water as possible. Make sure to press down on the crease between the pad and the wrist support as water can collect there.

  8. Set the 3M mouse pad in a location that receives good air circulation to dry overnight.