How to Fix a Broken Wineglass Stem

The party was good--so good, in fact, that a laughing guest sent his wineglass tumbling into two pieces. Resist the urge to follow suit by hurling the glass into the recycling bin; you can actually put it back together. Though you may see the blemish on close inspection, you'll keep your matching set intact.


Be careful not to get adhesive on fingers or surfaces-- it's extremely difficult to remove. See How to Get Superglue Off Your Skin. Feel free to place that repaired wineglass in the dishwasher. The adhesive bond will withstand heat up to 400and#176;F (200and#176;C).

  1. Place the mouth of the wineglass on a flat surface.

  2. Squeeze a small amount of clear adhesive or superglue around the fragmented stem.

  3. Holding the broken stem base in one hand and securing the mouth of the wineglass with the other hand, gently press the base piece onto the breakage area, taking care to line up the fragmented edges as closely as possible.

  4. Release the hand that's holding the mouth of the wineglass, then gingerly wipe the glued area clean of excess adhesive using a damp rag (paper-towel or dry-rag fibers may stick to the glass).

  5. Hold the wineglass in place for 30 seconds.

  6. Let it dry overnight before using.