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How to Repair Foam Rubber

Mary Lougee

Foam rubber is used in cushions, pads and pillows for cushioning in seats. After several years of use, a cushion becomes compressed from the weight of people sitting on it. One side may loose its shape more than the other side and need repairs to make the cushion uniform. Foam rubber may tear and require repairs to mend it.

Damaged foam rubber cushions are less expensive to repair than to replace.
  1. Place the foam rubber cushion or craft item on a table covered with newspaper.

  2. Draw a line on each side of the damaged section of foam rubber with a marker. Compress the foam rubber with one hand to make it thinner. Cut along the line with the utility knife to remove the damaged area.

  3. Place the cut out section on top of a new piece of foam. Trace around the old piece to form a pattern on the new portion. Cut the new portion out in the same manner as removing the damaged area.

  4. Place the new portion and the old undamaged portion with the sides to join facing you. Shake a can of foam rubber adhesive thoroughly. Depress the nozzle on the can and spray both pieces of foam. Follow the instructions on the can to allow a few minutes for the adhesive to become tacky.

  5. Press the two pieces of foam rubber together pinching the edges just past the junction on each side. Hold the pieces in position for about three minutes for the adhesive to cure.

  6. Repeat this process to add additional pieces to the craft or cushion as needed.