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How to Attach a Glass Top to a Vase to Make a Table

Cathy Conrad

Experience in carpentry isn't required in order to make your own coffee tables. Glass-topped coffee tables or end tables are unique when you use large vases for the base of the tables. Whether you want a square or round top, these tables can be customized to fit individual tastes. Attaching the glass table top to the vase can be accomplished with ease.

Coffee Table
    Wide-mouth vase
  1. Position the glass table top evenly on the top of the vase. Use a marker and outline the opening of the vase onto the top of the glass while it's sitting in place.

  2. table with vase base
  3. Turn over the glass and apply the glass adhesive in the marked area. Make sure you have a thick bead. The glass adhesive will dry clear.

  4. Turn the glass top back over so that the glue is on the bottom. Attach the glass to the vase where the glue is. Sit something heavy on the table top and in the middle so there will be a good seal between the vase and glass. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

  5. Remove the weight. Wipe the marker off the tabletop surface.