How to Keep Bugs Away from Your Window Screen

Diana Braun

Many windows include a screen to keep bugs, pests and weather out when the window is opened. Bugs see a screen as an opportunity to enter a home for food, light and shelter. Screens that are torn, worn and have holes in them are the perfect opportunity for pests to gain access into bedrooms and homes.

Repair window screens and use a bug spray to keep bugs away from your window screens and prevent them from entering your home.

  1. Remove the screen from the window. Press the levers located at the bottom of the screen and pop out.

  2. Prop the screen against an outside wall or surface you don’t mind bug spray getting onto.

  3. Mend any holes or small tears by applying a clear coat of nail polish. Mend larger holes by cutting and placing a new piece of mesh screen over the tear or hole. Weave the wires of the new mesh into the screen to blend the two pieces together.

  4. Spray the front side of the screen with a bug spray.

  5. Flip the screen and spray the backside with a bug spray. Allow the bug spray to penetrate the screen for 20 minutes.

  6. Place the screen back into the window.


Replace the screen if there are too many holes or large tears. Bugs are attracted to and can easily enter a home through a damaged or worn screen.