How to Get Rid of Bugs with Mouthwash

When bugs invading your home, it can be irritating and unhealthy. There are many items that are sold at stores to help you with a bug problem, but often these items are not good for you or anyone else around you. There are other options to get rid of bugs and you can use common mouthwash.


You do not need to invest in expensive mouthwash. The store brand antiseptic non-mint works best to get rid of bugs. Keep a small spray bottle in your tote bag to spray places on the go to get rid of the bugs on picnics and other outings.


Even though this mixture is non-toxic keep it away from small children. Drinking too much mouthwash can give them a stomach ache.

  1. Pour the mouthwash into the empty spray bottle. Fill the bottle three-quarters of the way up. This is the agent that you will use to get rid of the bugs. A non-mint antiseptic mouthwash works best for this application.

  2. Fill the spray bottle the rest of the way with water. This will dilute the mouthwash enough that the smell will not overpower you if it is sprayed in a small area.

  3. Spray the solution around the perimeter of the area that you would like to get rid of the bugs in. This will keep the bugs from entering the space. Use a generous amount of the solution. You can always mix up more.

  4. Spray at the base of any chairs and furniture. This solution is safe enough to use on furniture. It will not peel or fade paint. Make sure to cover the bases of all furniture in the area.

  5. Repeat this process every 2 to 3 hours or if you see the bugs come back into the area.