Can I Clean My Granite Countertops With Bleach?

Nick Davis

You may be in the habit of using a mixture of bleach and warm water to clean your kitchen floor and countertops, but you now have granite countertops. You love the rich finish of granite and the way the countertops shine in the light.

If you are wondering if you can use bleach to clean your granite countertops--the answer is no. You must not clean your granite countertops with bleach or any solution containing bleach.

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Use a product designed for cleaning granite countertops. Let it sit for 30 to 40 seconds and then wipe it off with a soft clean cloth. Do not use bleach or any solution containing bleach to clean your granite countertops. Also refrain from using harsh chemicals, acidic cleaners such as vinegar and abrasive cleaners. The wrong cleaner can remove any sealant present on the granite, strip the granite of its shine and damage the granite countertop. After cleaning your granite countertop, make sure you dry it with cotton flannel or a chamois cloth.

Granite cleaners can be found at most hardware, home improvement and retail stores and online.

Liquid Dishwashing Soap

If a cleaning product designed for cleaning granite is not available, you can use a mild phosphate-free, liquid dishwashing soap. Make sure you rinse the soap thoroughly and dry the granite surface completely. A phosphate-free soap will not lead to soap buildup on the granite surface as regular soaps will.

Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Do not use an ammonia-based cleaner, like Windex, to your clean granite countertops. Using an ammonia-based cleaner can cause etching on the granite surface. These cleaners will also dull your granite countertop's finish.