How to Keep Baseball Shirts From Curling

Brandon Getty

Fitted baseball shirts are comfortable to wear on and off the field, but they are also fashionable and simple to work into an outfit. To maximize comfort, the bottom hemline of the shirt is often left unfinished.

Keep the bottom of your baseball shirt smooth and flat.

Though this makes the shirt easier to move around in, it often allows the lower portion of the fabric to curl up on itself. With some laundering equipment, you can keep your favorite baseball shirts crisp.

  1. Smooth your baseball shirt across the surface of your ironing board. Set your iron to high heat or its "cotton" setting.

  2. Start at one side of the shirt's bottom hemline, and move the iron gradually across its width. Continue passing over the hemline until the hemline is flat. Turn the shirt over, and repeat for the back hemline.

  3. Mist both hemlines with starch spray. Allow the starch to penetrate the fabric for several minutes.

  4. Iron both hemlines smooth once more. The hemlines should fall straight and flat once you finish.

  5. Repeat these steps after each washing to prevent the shirt from curling during play or casual wear.


Never allow a hot iron to rest on the fabric for an extended period of time, as this will cause permanent damage to the shirt and could start a fire.