Removal of Highlighter Pen Stains From Leather

J. Johnson

Many different types of household items are commonly made of leather. Some examples include purses, shoes, belts and furniture. When working with a highlighter pen, you should be careful around leather items, especially those that are made of light or soft leather.

Highlighter pens can stain leather.

However, if that highlighter pen should drop or if it gets into the hands of a small child, you could end up with a stain on your leather item. The removal of this stain could require implementing a few strategies.


Never rub or wipe the fresh stain on leather. This will spread wet ink around instead of removing it.

  1. Press a tissue against the highlighter pen stain on the leather, if it just happened, to lift as much of the ink as you can.

  2. Mix a few teaspoons of a mild soap with several cups of warm water. Adding the soap while you fill the container will create bubbles.

  3. Scoop up the bubbles with a cloth and gently dab the surface of the leather. Continue to dab to remove more of the stain. Let the leather dry.

  4. Fill a small bowl with isopropyl alcohol. Place a few cotton balls in the alcohol to soak.

  5. Remove one of the cotton balls and scrub the highlighter pen stain in small circular motions. Once that cotton ball is covered in ink, use a new one.

  6. Wipe off the alcohol with a damp cloth and let the leather surface dry.